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IoT Water Buoy for Water Quality Monitoring - 12 months managed services

IoT Water Buoy for Water Quality Monitoring - 12 months managed services

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Product Description: Advanced IoT Water Buoy for Water Quality Monitoring

Overview: Introducing our state-of-the-art IoT Water Buoy, a versatile and rugged solution designed exclusively for comprehensive water quality monitoring. Equipped with an array of advanced sensors, including ultrasonic, submersible pressure, pH, dissolved oxygen, water temperature, and air temperature/humidity sensors, this buoy provides real-time data for a wide range of environmental parameters above and below the water's surface.

Key Features:

1. Ultrasonic Sensor: The ultrasonic sensor measures water level, offering valuable insights into water depth and potential flooding risks. It is ideal for monitoring water levels in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and other bodies of water.

2. Submersible Pressure Sensor: Our submersible pressure sensor provides accurate measurements of water pressure at various depths. This data is crucial for understanding water column dynamics and detecting changes in water density.

3. pH Sensor: The pH sensor enables monitoring of water acidity or alkalinity levels, essential for assessing water quality in aquatic ecosystems, industrial processes, and wastewater treatment.

4. Dissolved Oxygen Sensor: Measuring dissolved oxygen levels is vital for assessing water quality and the health of aquatic organisms. This sensor provides real-time data on oxygen concentration in water.

5. Water Temperature Sensor: Our water temperature sensor delivers precise readings, allowing you to monitor variations in water temperature, which can impact aquatic life and industrial processes.

6. Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor: In addition to water parameters, the buoy is equipped with an air temperature and humidity sensor. This provides comprehensive environmental data, aiding in weather monitoring and climate research.

7. Node Connectivity: The buoy is equipped with a high-performance IoT node that ensures seamless data transmission. It can communicate through various IoT protocols, such as NB-IoT and LoRaWAN, enabling remote monitoring and data retrieval.


  1. Comprehensive Water Monitoring: The IoT Water Buoy provides a holistic view of water quality, including physical and chemical parameters, enabling early detection of pollution events or ecosystem changes.

  2. Environmental Protection: Monitoring dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature aids in protecting aquatic life and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

  3. Safety: The ultrasonic sensor helps assess water levels for flood prediction and flood risk management.

  4. Data-Driven Decisions: Real-time data collection and analytics support informed decision-making for environmental management, research, and industrial processes.

  5. Remote Accessibility: With IoT connectivity, users can access data remotely, reducing the need for manual data collection and ensuring timely responses to changing conditions.

  6. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, including environmental monitoring, research, water resource management, and aquaculture.


  • Environmental Agencies
  • Research Institutions
  • Water Resource Management
  • Aquaculture Industry
  • Industrial Process Control

Our IoT Water Buoy is a cutting-edge solution for comprehensive water quality monitoring, offering an unparalleled range of sensors and data accessibility options. Whether you're protecting aquatic ecosystems, managing industrial processes, or ensuring flood resilience, this buoy is your dependable partner for accurate, real-time environmental data within aquatic environments.

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