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SDA, Register Interest - Eugaree St, Southport, QLD, 4215

SDA, Register Interest - Eugaree St, Southport, QLD, 4215

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IoT Redefines Specialist Disability Accommodation

IoT has redefined Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) by integrating proprietary artificial intelligence software and enterprise-grade IoT hardware and applications. This pioneering fusion of technology and compassion marks a groundbreaking shift in how we approach disability care and accommodation.

Key Features:

Revolutionary AI Integration: This property stands at the forefront of the disability care and accommodation sector, thanks to the seamless integration of proprietary artificial intelligence software. It constantly adapts to residents' needs, offering personalised support that evolves with time.

Enterprise-Grade IoT Infrastructure: Powered by enterprise-grade IoT hardware and applications, this property empowers residents with disabilities by giving them control, independence, and the ability to customise their living environment like never before.

High Demand: Thousands of NDIS participants are on waiting lists.

Government Support: Recognising the value of this innovative approach, the government offers incentives and funding, including support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Your investment aligns with a broader vision of progress and inclusivity.

Low Vacancy Rates: SDA properties consistently maintain lower vacancy rates than standard residential properties, ensuring a reliable rental income stream.

Long-Term Commitment: By offering a long-term lease managed by IoT with reputable disability service providers, this property minimises turnover and vacancy risks, ensuring sustained support for individuals with disabilities.

Financial Benefits:

  • Current Rental Income: $957.38 Rental Income per week.
  • Potential Capital Growth: An impressive 4.1% growth over the past 12 months (2022/2023).
  • Government Incentives: Access the National Specialist Disability Accommodation (NDIS) incentives.
  • ROI Projection: With an estimated ROI of 11%, this property promises financial stability and a meaningful contribution to society over the next two decades.

Location Highlights - Southport, Queensland 4215:

Southport, situated in Queensland 4215, offers a remarkable setting for those seeking an innovative approach to disability care and accommodation. Here's how Southport's unique characteristics contribute to this vision:

  1. Accessible Urban Convenience: Southport's central location in the Gold Coast region provides residents with easy access to urban amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

  2. Serene Coastal Environment: The proximity to the Gold Coast's beautiful coastline allows residents to enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of the ocean, offering a peaceful atmosphere conducive to relaxation and well-being.

  3. Healthcare Hub: Southport is home to world-class medical facilities, including the Gold Coast University Hospital and multiple specialist clinics. These institutions provide comprehensive healthcare services and support residents' medical needs.

  4. Educational Opportunities: The area boasts a range of educational institutions, from primary schools to universities, ensuring that individuals with disabilities have access to quality education and skill development programs.

  5. Public Transportation: Southport benefits from an efficient public transportation network, making it convenient for residents to travel within the city and to nearby areas.

  6. Recreational Facilities: Numerous parks, sports complexes, and recreational areas offer opportunities for residents to engage in physical activities, social gatherings, and outdoor therapy.

  7. Community Inclusion: Southport is known for its inclusive and welcoming community. Residents with disabilities can enjoy a sense of belonging and participation in community events and activities.

  8. Employment Opportunities: The city's economic vibrancy opens up possibilities for meaningful employment and vocational training for individuals with disabilities.

  9. Cultural and Arts Scene: Southport's cultural diversity is reflected in its vibrant arts scene, providing residents with opportunities to engage in cultural and artistic pursuits.

  10. Supportive Services: The presence of disability service providers and support organizations in Southport ensures that residents have access to a wide range of specialized care and assistance.

Southport, Queensland 4215, sets the stage for an inclusive and technologically advanced approach to Specialist Disability Accommodation, combining urban convenience with natural beauty and comprehensive support services. It offers a well-rounded environment that promotes the independence, well-being, and inclusivity of individuals with disabilities. Please feel free to reach out for further information or to explore this unique opportunity.

Contact Information:

For more details and to schedule a viewing, please contact:

Steven Nash - 0405999999

As always, consult with a financial advisor or real estate expert familiar with AI-enhanced SDA properties to fully grasp the investment potential and legal requirements associated with this type of investment.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute financial or investment advice. Potential investors should conduct their due diligence and seek professional advice before making investment decisions.

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