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IoT-Connected Smart Home with 24/7 Cognitive Support NDIS

IoT-Connected Smart Home with 24/7 Cognitive Support NDIS

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IoT-Connected Smart Home with 24/7 Cognitive Support NDIS

Included Hardware:

  1. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB, 6.7-inch display) - RRP $2199: This advanced smartphone serves as a central communication hub and offers a large display for ease of use with IoT-enabled smart camera software integrated into iPhone.
  2. Apple Ultra Watch - RRP $1299: A sophisticated wearable device that enhances health monitoring and communication capabilities.
  3. Low-Orbit Satellite Sleeve - RRP $999: Provides global connectivity, ensuring seamless functionality across 21 global mobile carriers.
  4. Apple iPad Pro - RRP $1399: The ultimate iPad experience with the most advanced technology.
  5. IoT Chip: A cutting-edge IoT chip enabling efficient data exchange and integration with the Internet of Things network.
  6. IoT-enabled Fall Detection Sensor: Five IoT software-enhanced fall detection sensors installed throughout the participant's home. These sensors have accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect falls or sudden movements. When a fall is detected, the sensor alerts the central system, providing crucial information about the incident, including location data for the carer.
  7. Voice-Activated speaker with Tablet: IoT software integrated into Apple iPad for fall detection sensors, daily reminders and future IoT applications such as smart lighting, temperature control and health devices, allowing NDIS participants to lead a better life. 

NDIS Certified Software and IoT Integration: Our product offers a powerful combination of hardware and software features meticulously designed to elevate safety, care, and control. Explore the exceptional capabilities of this integrated system:

24/7 Emergency Response (12 months):

  • Access to a dedicated 24/7 contact center located on the Gold Coast, Australia, facilitating instant communication with Queensland police, ambulance, and fire services.
  • Real-time monitoring of precise location details during critical situations.

Global Connectivity (Unlimited voice and data connectivity, 12 months):

  • Ensures smooth functionality across 21 global mobile carriers, providing 100% global connectivity.

IoT Chip Connectivity (12 months):

  • The cutting-edge IoT chip establishes a robust link with the Internet of Things network, enabling efficient data exchange for a smart and responsive experience.

Caregiver Tracking and Geofencing (12 months):

  • Equips caregivers with comprehensive tracking capabilities for enhanced care management.
  • Sets dynamic virtual boundaries and triggers real-time alerts for seamless monitoring.

Continuous Monitoring and Geofencing (12 months):

  • Ensures continuous surveillance of user locations, amplifying the layers of security.
  • Maintains the integrity of geofencing boundaries, instantly notifying any deviations.

Enterprise Mobile Device Management Software (12 months):

  • Enhanced security measures with enterprise mobile device management software.
  • Enables remote management and control, ensuring optimal security and privacy for each device.
  • Empowers organizations with comprehensive control over device functionalities and configurations.

Experience the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and dedicated care, all in the palm of your hand. Join our community of satisfied users who entrust our product for their safety and caregiving needs. Our integrated solution is designed to provide peace of mind and support for both NDIS participants and their caregivers.

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